Hi! Let me tell you something. I believe that hope and ambition can take you far. This is what guides me in life and gives me the energy to achieve my goals, wether they are personal, academic of professional. This site tells a little more about me as a professional student. Thanks for stopping by and check out my LinkedIn profile

Hello world!

"The best way to predict the future is to create it". I am a highly motivated and entrepreneurial person whose main objectives is to gain better knowledge from either people or experiences and to change the world around him. I have gained many transferable skills through school and university projects and societies and I am proud to be a self-teaching person.

In high school I took part in numerous time management, leadership and charity projects and conferences. I was the pupils' representative in my school and county and it was my responsibility of coming up with projects in order to promote a pro-active attitude in my community.

During university, I have become more responsible. I have also realised the importance of teamwork and developing skills around my degree. I have become a student ambassador and representative in the school of Computer Science as well as a active member of some societies.

I experienced many fields such as programming, marketing, event-organising, writing and advertising and thus I can manage multidisciplinary projects and achieve the best result.

In the end, my actual experience boils down to the following statements about myself:

  • I am more enthusiastic than a child on his first fun ride
  • I have BIG ideas and imaginative solutions
  • I want to show the community that I exist
  • I value "respect" more than anything else
  • I am the calm one
  • I don't care who gets the credits. I just want to win.
  • I am both the creative and technical
  • I always get out of my comfort zone

I enjoy making new professional acquaintances from which I can learn new things. Do contact me if you want to talk about computer science, astronomy & astrophysics, business management or just tennis.

Specialities: Programming, organising projects and events, advertising, networking and building relationships, delivering training, public speaking, managing teams, fundraising, communications, web development, app development, creative direction.